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Figures show that UK businesses lost over £6.5bn in 2015 in work days lost due to stress experienced by their employees, and this doesn't even consider the reduction in productivity when employees remain in work but are struggling with stress. 

Employee well-being is a key issue that companies are striving to address to ensure that their employees remain happy and motivated at work, but how many companies openly support their employees with their struggles during a separation or divorce?




Bereavement and divorce are 2 of the top 10 causes of stress, and both impact every part of an individuals life, including in the workplace.

It is shown that the grief experienced in both of these scenarios is similar, in a divorce it is the loss of a loved one and the emotional turmoil can be devastating, both for the individuals concerned, and also those around.

Individuals that are going through divorce need time and space to grieve, and will experience similar emotional stages to if there had been a bereavement - denial/anger/depression/bargaining/acceptance.

In fact, in the case of divorce, it can be a considerably more protracted period of "grieving" due to the legal/financial/children complexities, all of which are not quick and can take months and into years to resolve.

Generally, employees can't take bereavement leave for the break up of a marriage, no matter how much like grieving it is. And, although it is generally acceptable in the workplace for an employee to take time off due to health reasons, childcare issues, or the well being of a parent, there is often a lack of understanding when it comes to work disruption as a result of divorce or separation.

The Divorce Partner works with HR teams and their employee well-being programmes to raise awareness of the impact of divorce on their employees, and also how those around can support them through this devastating time. 

I also provide specific company rates for employees that want to engage with us individually to support them on their journey.

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