A Divorce Consultant can work with you alongside your solicitor and/or mediator (if applicable) to give you practical and emotional support & guidance, whilst saving you time and money. 

I also work with you after your divorce or separation to help you get your life back on track in a positive way.




What working with you and a solicitor can look like:

• Preparation for meetings with your solicitor/mediator ensuring that you have the right information and paperwork first time

• Attending meetings with you and your solicitor/mediator,  taking notes for both parties that can be referred to after, and providing clarity where needed

• Working with you to make balanced and informed choices at a highly emotional and pressured time in your life, whilst helping you to focus on the future with a positive outlook

• Ensuring communication and answers are non-emotional and to the point, reducing time spent for solicitors and their teams (and therefore costs for you)

• I can act fully (if wanted) for you as the liaison with your solictior and manage the full process, or I can send information to you at appropriate times - it really is whatever works best for you

• Providing you with the emotional support and contact throughout the process so as to make the most of your time in meetings/conversations with your solicitor/mediator