Why use a Divorce Consultant?
Rather than me tell you the answer to this - I've asked some of my clients to describe the benefits in their own words:
"To have someone impartial to talk to"
"To talk, be listened to, and not to be judged"
"In order to save time and money on solicitors fees"
"To share the emotional stress and strain of separation"
"To work more collaboratively with my ex and get a better result for my children and myself"
"To help me be sure that I was doing the right thing for me before I went ahead"
"Because I couldn't afford solicitors fees, but I needed some support to understand the process and fill in the forms"
"To understand the process involved and what I could expect if I went ahead with my divorce"
"To build my confidence in my new life being single after so many years"
"To help me understand what I wanted to do in my life after my divorce"

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