What I do...
I provide an end to end resource for individuals who are considering separating from their spouse or partner. I give full coaching, practical, and emotional support from the initial point of consideration right through to your new beginnings. 
I can work with you and support you through all, or a specific part, of your journey.
  •  Clarity on choices and decisions

    • ​Providing full coaching support to help you get to your decisions, and to gain clarity on those that you may have already made

    • Working with you to build an understanding of the process of any divorce/separation, and it's implications

Support in preparation for any meetings - legal or otherwise, where relevant

  • Ensuring that you have relevant paperwork and information for all legal meetings, saving time and money

  • Working with you to fill in legal forms that can cost thousands for solicitors to do for you

  • Helping you to prepare for mediation sessions, attending with you where required

Thinking partner ​

  • During any legal process, I will work with you on your desired outcome and the steps needed to be taken in order to get there

  • I will provide full negotiation support, working alongside your solicitors in order to achieve the best outcome for you​

  • I'll will fully support you via coaching and mentoring on building your life plan post separation or divorce

  • And I will be there for you at all times to listen and support, in a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment​

New beginnings coaching and support

  • ​Helping you to rediscover yourself and what you want your life to be about​

  • Building your self confidence and self esteem

  • Supporting you throughout this journey, and for as long as you need it

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