• Emily Pringle

Thinking About Leaving?

Leaving your spouse or partner is a life changing event. It's something that you have to be absolutely certain on.

Below are our tips for if divorce or separation is on your mind.....

1: There’s no rush - take your time, consider your feelings, and seek to understand the options available to you. Find the right people in order to understand the full process. Divorce will take an emotional and financial toll on you, and is not a decision to take lightly

2. Seek advice from friends, family, and/or a coach. Take a step back and consider your options fully before moving forward

3. Are you able to forgive your partner/husband - where infidelity is involved - enough to give them a second chance?

4. If there’s physical or emotional abuse - hard as it may sound, second chances do not apply, be strong

5. The grass always looks greener elsewhere when things aren't as you want them to be - but are you sure it’s not possible to revive the missing spark? Have you given it the opportunity?

6. Consider the full impact - the whole family will be affected, especially your children. Decide how you will handle this before setting anything in motion, as once you start the process you will need to be able to talk about it with them

7, Give your relationship every chance - be sure that you've tried everything, and given your partner/spouse every chance to fix things. If you know it's definitely over, go into your divorce with your eyes wide open, knowing that you’ve tried everything to make your marriage work