• Emily Pringle

The Table Analogy

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

If we think of our relationship as a table.

A table has 4 legs.

A table will still stand with 3 legs, but not with less than that.

Now, if you think of the legs on your table as the following in respect of your relationship:





These are the core elements of any relationship. Take the time to analyse where you and your partner are in relation to these legs. Look to talk to each other about any issues you have, before you find yourself with less than 3 legs on your “table”.

A lot of couples find that that their “table” has had only 3 “legs” for a significant period of time, and that this has become the “norm”.

If something else comes along and jeopardises another leg, then your relationship could end up in trouble.

Talk to each other openly and honestly to make sure your table remains standing.

If you feel that your “table” is at risk, then The Divorce Partner or The Relationship Partner will be able to help you (and your partner) to be clear on what choices you have, and to help you make decisions.

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