• Emily Pringle

The Benefits Of A Divorce Consultant In Your Divorce

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Divorce is a time of intense emotions, whether it’s been initiated by you or if you are on the receiving end. If you want the divorce, you may feel a sense of urgency, an eagerness to move forward, or a detachment from the part of your life that was. And if you don’t want the divorce, you are probably feeling a sadness, intense shock, and possibly betrayal.

Whatever you are feeling, your emotions may cause your divorce to be much more expensive than it needs to be. You may make decisions that are not necessarily in your best interests, and you may emerge from your divorce without a clear vision of your future.

Having a coach can help you through the process of your divorce and can be an invaluable asset. A coach can help to save you time, money, emotional distress, and help you to re-ignite your sense of purpose and create your path for the future.

I am a Divorce Consultant - so a coach and much more.

Thinking of divorce as a journey that they and their ex are on helps a lot of my clients….you are likely to always be at a different point on the journey to your ex. If they initiated it, you are likely to need time and support to get to the point where you can accept it, at the same time as the process feeling like it is just “happening” to you. And if you initiated it, the same is true for your ex.

Bearing this in mind will help frustration levels infinitely..

Counselling and Coaching...

Many people think of turning to a counsellor during their divorce, but fewer people think about coaching. Whilst counselling plays a great role in helping you to understand where you are and why you have got there, it doesn’t always look at where you want to be. Coaches, on the other hand, are present and future focused. A coach will help you to define your values & goals, create a vision for your future incorporating your needs & dreams, and use these together to help you build a plan for your life after divorce.

I have so far found that clients who work with a coach to help them during their divorce can feel stronger as they move through the process.

Solicitor and Divorce Coach/Consultant...

Whilst a solicitor will absolutely be there to help you with the emotional transition as well as the legal side of proceedings, it is not necessarily the area of expertise. A solicitor is there to focus on setting reasonable legal goals, answering specifically legal questions, reviewing any likely outcomes, helping you to settle your case, and representing you and your case in court (if it can’t be resolved out of court). A solicitor’s involvement will inevitably come to an end once the Decree Absolute is granted at the end of the “admin” process of your divorce.

Because of this it is likely to be far more costly if your solicitor is the one to help you monitor your emotions, bring your thoughts together, and help you to make decisions on a future that you probably haven’t had the time or support to envisage as yet.

A divorce coach can work with you and your solicitor as part of your team to maximise efficiency and support you emotionally. They can save you and your solicitor hours of time by working with you behind the scenes on the emotional side of things, but also on the options available to you needing decisions made that will ultimately impact on your future plans - when you’re in the midst of your divorce it can seem impossible to see anything in the future and decisions can be made without being able to appreciate the full picture.

I work with my clients to take the emotion out of any decisions and communications needed whilst working through the issues and challenges that they face during their divorce.

This approach means that my clients feel in a stronger position to make their choices and see where any such decisions will help them get to in their future plans.

A Divorce Consultant like myself can also work with you on a lot of the practical elements of your divorce. We can help you to understand the process that you are about to embark on, likely timings, the emotional journey that you (and your ex) will potentially experience, the options that are available to you, filling in a lot of the forms that you rely on your solicitors to fill in, preparing information for meetings with solicitors or the other side, option generation for any settlement, children matters, and not least your future plans and how you can get there - the list goes on.

If you haven’t thought about getting yourself a Divorce Consultant, please give me a call and see how I can help you. It will be one of the best things that you can do as part of your divorce. Divorce is a process of grief, and is not something to go through alone.

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