• Emily Pringle

Communication is key to a successful relationship

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that over 40% of marriages in the UK end in divorce. This statistic doesn’t take into account the countless other cohabiting relationships that also come to an end.

In many cases, by the time you are contemplating leaving your relationship, in your mind it can already be too late to save it.

I'm passionate about making others aware of how important communication is in your relationship.

I don’t just mean chatting, I mean really talking to each other. Telling each other the good and the bad. Not hiding feelings, frustrations, and concerns. Being willing to listen and accept things that you may not want to hear.

Couples with better communication are more likely to have a fulfilling relationship. They are more likely to resolve minor niggles before they become major problems. They are also more likely to have a greater intimacy and emotional bond in their relationship due to an increased trust between them.

Here are my tips for improving communication in your relationship:

· Spend more time together so that you can communicate more frequently face to face

· Communicate clearly and directly with each other

· Speak about your thoughts and feelings openly

· Listen to each other

· Respect each other’s point of view

· Look for other signs of how your partner is feeling

· Be positive when communicating with each other

The Divorce Partner/The Relationship Partner can help you, or you and your partner, to improve communication in your relationship and potentially resolve future problems.

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