Key areas to focus on during divorce or separation

Here at The Divorce Partner, I like to break the process down into 4 key areas, making it simpler to digest and work through.

1: Divorce application and process (for married couples)

The actual divorce is purely an administrative process. You don’t need a solicitor in order to do this. You can do it yourself, but it is helpful to have support for all of the forms and to give clarity on timing and what to expect. It can also make the process much easier to work with someone who is experienced in the process from start to finish.

This can come from a solicitor, or from a divorce consultant.

The complications in divorce mainly come from the issues that can arise as part of the process, not necessarily the administrative piece – money, children, property etc.

The more collaborative and amicable you can be, the less expensive it will be.

See the blog article on "how to get a divorce" here for the full process

2. Ensure your will is up to date with your wishes (reflecting your plans to divorce or separate)

In the process of divorce, it can be easy to miss this one. In marriage, your estate could pass to your spouse in the event of there being no will in place. During the process of divorce, it's important to ensure that you have a will, and that any will you do have is up to date with your wishes.

3. Financial settlement 

Irrespective of whether you are getting divorced, or separating, there are likely to be various financial elements that will need to be agreed between you.

I can help you to work through the options and choices available to you, and how best to approach this as collaboratively as possible with your ex spouse/partner.

I also use my significant experience in negotiation to work in conjunction with my clients and their solicitors (where relevant) to gain a fair and mutually beneficial outcome

4. Agree a parenting plan (where you have children)

It can be easy to let the emotions involved in divorce or separation impact on your children - either in the day to day conversations you are having with them, or in the arrangements you come to for contact between you and your spouse/partner.

Children can often, unintentionally, become pawns in the whole process. It's important to remember that they have 2 parents, and they love both of you. They need both of you. 

We help our clients to get clarity on what they want for their children, and work through options for parenting plans to help this happen.

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