I am a divorced mum of 1, based in Cheltenham since the separation of my husband and I in 2016.

I have spent the majority of my working life in the fast moving consumer goods industry, working in Sales, where I spent the latter 10 years in leadership positions within 2 large blue chip companies.

During this time, a significant portion of the roles I was in was to be the coach to numerous individuals in order to help them achieve both their work and personal goals.

The Divorce Partner has been born from the success of Absolute Clarity previously, and my wish to set up alone and focus more on the partnership element with both my clients, and also the professionals that they might need during this time of their lives - solicitors, counsellors, financial advisors etc.

My own divorce taught me that, at the toughest time most will ever go through, there is very limited ongoing support out there. Friends and family, although incredibly supportive for a time, have their own lives to manage. Solicitors obviously charge for every minute of their time, and are not set up to be our emotional support. And, unfortunately, it's not always down to law as to what is going to happen.

Divorce is a process of grief, for both you and your ex. To manage your separation amicably, you need the ongoing support that can recognise the grief that you (and your ex) are going through, and work through the process appropriately.

But, the biggest thing by far that I learnt through my own personal divorce, is how emotionally tough, intense, and draining it can be. It’s not a quick process, even in the most straightforward of splits – it takes months, and into years. You have to find an inner strength that you didn’t know that you had. It doesn’t matter who initiated the split, that just dictates which stage of the process either party is at - mentally and emotionally. And you don’t always have someone to talk to, it’s hard for even your closest friends to keep up with the day to day changes.

Also, I learnt how valuable the art of negotiation can be. I was shocked when I found that was actually very little “law” involved when it comes to working through your finances or access to your children. What transpired is that it can ultimately come down to negotiation through our solicitors. This means that collaboration through both parties is critical in order to get the best outcome for you and your family. It can become very costly – especially as both parties are highly emotional during this process, and stubbornness can kick in.

I have a particular interest in how we can understand both our own, and others, emotional intelligence to a deeper level, and how we then use it to get the best out of ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. 

I have completed a full UK divorce coaching qualification, which combined with my significant leadership coaching experience means that I can confidently help others at a time in their lives where it can be hard to be clear on what options they have, and even harder to be clear on a route through. 

I will use my passion and experience to support my clients through the full process from decision making, right through to life’s new challenges. 

My 20+ years of sales experience also means that I am ideally placed to work with you and your solicitor (where relevant) to find the most collaborative route through to settlement, and use my negotiation skills to maximise the results you get.   

It has long been my calling in life to help others, and now I have found the way to do that – from an emotional, mental, and financial perspective.

The Divorce Partner is my way of helping others at a time when they need it the most.

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